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Dallas Fuel Eats: Lucio-Oh's

The Overwatch League team Dallas Fuel is having a lot of fun with the official Blizzard cereal Lucio Oh’s.

The breakfast cereal line started as a little joke – it was nothing but a spray for Lucio to use on the walls of the Overwatch battlegrounds. However, after this year’s edition of BlizzCon, we got the news that Lucio Oh’s is indeed a real thing – an actual cereal that’s available in store and even comes with a “loot boost”, a way to enhance your collection of in-game cosmetics.

This obviously called for another episode of the “Blue flame” video series “Dallas Fuel Eats”. 

The episode is available online at Dallas’ official YouTube channel.

In it, we see stars Timo “Taimou” Kettunen, Benjamin “Unkoe” Chevasson, and Minseok “OGE” Son.

The three players taste the cereal for the first time on-camera and share their reactions. Much of their personality as players can be seen also with their on-camera presence. Taimou is clearly having fun, much like he does while playing Overwatch, and goes easy on the product, awarding it a 3/5 Lucio’s. Custa opted to support Taimou, exactly as he does in the middle of a firefight, and also went for the 3/5. Tank player OGE though had his own opinion, exactly like a proper Reinhardt should. He smashed the cereal with an unforgiving 1/5 like a charged-up Earthshatter.

In the first edition of Dallas Eats, we saw the boys cook their own food. Now they're trying store-bought one. What's up next? We’ll wait and see.