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Dallas and Houston signing sessions announced

The 2019 season of OWL is the first one to feature homestand games outside of Blizzard Arena, California. The Texas-based one will also feature signing sessions with the stars themselves.

The cowboys are about to clash on home turf, and they are bringing friends, too. April 27 and 28 will host its OWL games down south.

Apart from the normal gameplay we’ve come to expect, the teams will also engage with the fans for a meet and greet, and will sign cards, posters, and gaming peripherals. If you want to have your D.Va mousepad signed by the main tank of your favorite squad, here’s when to stand in line:

Player Autograph Signings – Saturday, April 27, 2019

  • Dallas Fuel: aKm, EFFECT, Mickie, OGE
  • Chengdu Hunters: Ameng, Baconjack, Lateyoung, Yveltal
  • Hangzhou Spark: Bazzi, Guxue, NoSmite, IDK
  • Houston Outlaws: Danteh, Jake, Muma, Rawkus
  • London Spitfire: Birdring, Fury, Gesture, Profit
  • Los Angeles Valiant: Agilities, Custa, Kariv, Space
  • Paris Eternal: BenBest, Kruise, ShaDowBurn, SoOn
  • Seoul Dynasty: Fissure, Fleta, Munchkin, Ryujehong

Player Autograph Signings – Sunday, April 28, 2019

Dallas Fuel player roster: aKm, Closer, EFFECT, HarryHook, Mickie, OGE, rCk, Taimou, uNKOE, ZachaREEE

Houston Outlaws player roster: ArHaN, Bani, Boink, Coolmatt, Danteh, Muma, Jake, LiNkzr, Rawkus, SPREE

As you can see, guest teams will be signing only on Day 1, and will feature only 4-star players, while the homestanders will have their entire rosters meeting the fans on Sunday.

Tickets for the show – both for a single day, or a weekend package – are available at Dallas Fuel’s official website.