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CS GO March 13 patch introduces major changes

By Tasho Tashev CS:GO 14 Mar 2019

The latest update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive reverted some previous decisions and reworked the game’s economy yet again.

Yesterday’s CS:GO patch introduced some major adjustments, the biggest one having to do with the round loss system. The full patch notes can be found on CS:GO’s official blog.

New cosmetics enter the store as the Prisma Case makes an entry and many community-designed skins are finally available.

  • Round loss bonuses are now based on the count of a team’s round losses. The count increases by one after every loss, and decreases by one after every win (minimum 0).
  • With 0 Losses: $1400
  • With 1 Loss: $1900
  • With 2 Losses: $2400
  • With 3 Losses: $2900
  • With 4+ Losses: $3400
  • Previously, a win would reset the round loss bonus. Now, a win reduces the loss counter by one.
  • Teams still begin the half with a loss count of 1.

Previously, losing rounds would progressively increase the money a team earned and scoring a win would reset it. That’s no longer the case, as now losses translate to +$500, while wins decrease the same amount. In order to keep everything the way that it was before for the team suffering the first loss, both teams start with a loss count of 1.

The AUG, which gained a lot of popularity after its cost shrunk from $3300 to $3150, is now back to the original price of $3300. Many would argue this was a necessary change as the AUG was simply the better choice in almost every scenario when compared to M4A1-S or M4A4. In addition, Valve have also buffed the M4A1-S as it now holds 25 bullets instead of the previous 20 and has 75 in reserve. When it comes to shotguns, Nova, Sawed-Off and Mag7 all get price reductions. Nova’s armor penetration increases to 1, while the Sawed-Off now has a greater range, standing at 1400.

As a result of all the changes in this patch, one thing is certain – the number of eco rounds will be smaller. This will have a significant effect on the professional scene.

Image credit: Valve Entertainment.