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Cloud9 take contested game against TSM

One of North America's most contested rivalries – Team SoloMid versus Cloud9 – saw C9 take the latest round of the fight, as they came out of a poor early game to dominate the mid-game.

A strong start by Cloud9 was punctuated by a first blood going to Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer as three Cloud9 members caught Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham in his jungle. However, TSM soon secured the pressure lead, and equalized the gold before a collapse mid 14 minutes in saw them kill the Cloud9 mid laner and take the first tower of the game. The gold stayed close, and it wasn't until TSM secured another kill and got a kill and an Infernal dragon off a skirmish in the mid-lane 20 minutes in that the gold difference exceeded a thousand in either direction.

Cloud9 did not give up, however, and 24 minutes in, a great flash-taunt by Nisqy in a 4v3 resulted in two kills and the middle outer tower going their way. The game was virtually even except for TSM’s dragon lead; after securing a kill in a skirmish two minutes later, they were leading 3-0 with two of the dragons being infernals and providing a hefty AP and AD boost. However, an attempt to take baron shortly afterwards saw them chased away from the pit, and a series of skirmishes went the way of C9, who were starting to look better in the game.

Video credit: Riot Games

What started as a collapseon Tristan “Zayzal” Stidam 31 minutes in turned around when Cloud9 were able to kill Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen and then took three more kills in the chase before turning to secure the Baron. Now with a big gold lead and the baron buff, they pushed towards the TSM base and took the first inhibitor despite a 2-1 fight going TSM’s way. Eventually, Cloud9 secured an Elder drake before turning to the Baron. Their opponents came to contest and actually got the first kill of the fight, but C9 pushed them away, taking several kills, in the chase, secured the baron used it to push into the enemy base. A teleport flank by Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg gave TSM the first kill of the fight, but C9's baron and lead allowed them to weather the storm and win the fight – and the game.

While TSM had the better early game, they were not able to snowball their lead. In fact, it was Cloud9 who used their mid-game advantages better, and while the game took a while to close out, they showed they had the better gameplan once they got ahead.

Thumbnail image credit: Riot Games