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Cloud9 announce their Apex Legends squad

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title has spiked in popularity in the course of a month after its release. Now, Cloud9 have made their official Apex Legends roster clear.

With the game offering a mix of Fortnite and Overwatch, it was only a matter of time before esports organizations started showing interest. Cloud9 are a bit behind as other big names like Team Liquid, Gen.G esports, NRG Esports, Rogue and others have already made the first steps into the scene.

The first player to join the Cloud9 Apex Legends team was Jamison “PVPX” Moore. Soon, Greg “Grego” McAllen, who formerly played Overwatch for Cloud9, joined PVPX. With half the team already formed at the start of March, only two more remained. Then, Justing “Chappie” Andrews and Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez were added to the roster to complete the lineup. It comes as no surprise that both Chappie and Frexs competed in PUBG under the C9 banner.

The popularity of Apex Legends for the last month was probably the highest of any free-to-play game release in recent times. Combining that with its competitive nature and teamplay-oriented gameplay, it was clear that the title had a future in esports. It was no secret from the start that EA/Respawn aimed to take down the big dog – Fortnite. Now, with Apex tournaments starting to pop up, the two titles will finally go head to head.

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.