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China Supermajor Qualifier results

The dust has settled in and we won’t be seeing any qualifiers for a long time with all of the participants in the upcoming Major and Minor events known to the public.

In China, Keen Gaming surpassed expectations as they made it to the finals, taking out LFY and Invictus Gaming along the way. PSG.LGD were waiting for them in the finals, controversially placed directly there, but rightfully so as they proved their worth. In game one Keen had double the kills of their enemy, but that wasn’t enough as a single bad teamfight turned everything around, thanks to Bounty Hunter and his track. From then on, it was a walk in the park for Troll Warlord to demolish their base. Once again, picking Troll in game two, LGD relied on a push focused strategy with Chen, Vengeful Spirit, Sniper and Omniknight. Using the early advantage an early BKB was secured for Troll, against the enemy Luna and Outworld Devourer, who were already far behind. Instead of ending it at this point, they decided to play it safe and slowly starve them out, ever-increasing the gold advantage and then giving them the familiar deja vu of Troll destroying buildings.

Important to note, China was the only regional qualifier that used a single elimination bracket with a Bo3. Every other played the games in a Round-Robin Format, where the team with most points in the end received the spot.

In North America, VGJ.Storm 2-0’d every opponent that stood against them, taking first place and a ticket to Shanghai. The southern counterparts were Infamous, who only had one draw against Thunder Predator.

Europe’s finest turned out to be The Final Tribe who had no trouble versus Kinguin, Alliance or Going in. The latter disbanded shortly after the event.

The CIS region could easily be called a game of draws as they were the most here. Team Spirit was the exception with four victories and a single loss versus Team Empire.

Finally, we had TNC Pro Team dominating their SEA rivals, with Fnatic being slightly outperformed by The Prime NND.

Question is, what happens now? Well, the top 10 teams from the DPC Team Ranking will be attending the event. For VGJ.Thunder, this will be the last chance for a massive gain of points which will send them directly to TI, as they won’t be playing in any other Major and if they don’t finish on the scoreboard in the Supermajor, one of the others which are close by might pass them. Others like OG, VGJ.Storm, Infamous and Team Spirit have roster issues and this will significantly reduce the amount they can earn and even if they get enough to be placed in the top 8, they’re no longer eligible for an invitation as they breached the roster lock window. In theory, a lot of smaller teams can jump into the charts if they win a Major.

It sure looks like it’ll be an interesting event, the only issue which concerns people so far is that the main event will be only 2 days.