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TEAM TEAM barely snatch victory from BOOM at Bucharest Minor

Right after OG’s loss, it was time for the first match of the Dota 2 Bucharest Minor Lower bracket – the North American TEAM TEAM against the Indonesian BOOM.

The two teams ended up in the Lower bracket after a poor performance during the group stage. TT went 0-2, and BOOM managed to score just a single victory over Playmakers. Compared to the previous matches today, the draft in Game 1 gave us another Medusa for the side of BOOM. While the hero might be coming online a bit later when compared to other carries, her durability in the middle to late game is what makes her shine.

Michael “ixmike88” Ghannam’s Bane was the first to die as he gave BOOM a slight advantage before the game even started. The Indonesian team knew that they had to take a confident lead and keep the pressure on the Medusa. Even if the game was to go into the really late stages, Slark was BOOM’s back-up plan against the gorgon. None of the two teams was able to take control of the game, but BOOM were slowly chipping away towers with their Pugna. TEAM TEAM responded in kind by taking a couple of kills and then proceeded to go back to farming. The Americans had the lead but they quickly lost it along with their Tier 3 top tower. Later on, Medusa was caught out of position at the very middle of the map and the teamfight that followed left TT with only Centaur Warrunner standing.

TEAM TEAM had to do a risky play in the Roshan Pit where they managed to take the kill before BOOM could react. Even with the Aegis on Medusa, she didn’t stand a chance against the stacked-up Slark. Despite that, BOOM didn’t try to finish the game and kept dragging it, giving TT more time to get back into it. Ten minutes of farming later, another fight around Roshan broke out and the Americans had to waste a substantial number of buybacks. It was worth it in the end as they managed to wipe out the entirety of BOOM. By minute 40, Medusa was already a huge threat and the only way to kill her was through kiting and careful crowd control. Right after she claimed another Aegis, a teamfight broke out and BOOM lost three of their cores. TEAM TEAM eventually made their way into the enemy base, but Radiant creeps were in their base. BOOM didn’t seem to have realized that, though, and it was one of the weirdest endings we’ve seen.

In Game 2, neither team picked a late-game lineup, and the laning stage was to decide the outcome. TEAM TEAM’s Death Prophet had the potential to demolish enemy buildings in a manner of seconds. This time, ixmike picked the first blood by killing the enemy Skywrath Mage. In the mid lane, it was Lina for the side of BOOM and the aforementioned DP for TEAM TEAM. Early kills were most common in the top lane where Dark Seer and Earth Spirit were overly aggressive. BOOM’s two squishy supports were in deep trouble as each time they showed up on a lane, Jason “Newsham” Newsham’s Earth Spirit was there to hunt them down. Newsham was easily the MVP of the early stages, with really good positioning and spot-on skill shots. BOOM managed to pick a couple of kills thanks to Juggernaut’s Omnislash. The latter was left alone in the lane and had an early Battlefury. On top of that, Jugger was also on the top of the net worth before starting to actively farm. His team, though, was in a different situation as TEAM TEAM had the overall lead. Claiming the Aegis of the Immortal and Manta Style at minute 18, Juggernaut was suddenly a huge problem that nobody had an answer for. A few minutes later, the Americans lost their mid barracks along with three members of the squad and all BOOM had to sacrifice to achieve this was the Aegis and a Centaur. The next couple of teamfights always ended up in favor of BOOM. Another Roshan and many buybacks later, TEAM TEAM waltzed in the enemy base, wiped out the entire enemy team and brought the score to a 1-1.

It was the first series of the day to not end with a 2-0 score.

The third match was to decide the winner of the series and who would be going home. Looking back at it, the score could’ve been 2-0 for BOOM, had they given their creeps a few more seconds, but let’s not dwell on the past. TEAM TEAM banned the Juggernaut in the drafting phase.

BOOM took the first blood with a kill on the enemy Batrider, but a return kill soon followed as Centaur fell. Constant pressure on the top lane continued, but both sides were even. Total mayhem began all around the map with trades happening everywhere but on the bottom lane. The only hero to completely focus on farming was BOOM’s Phantom Lancer, who just kept pushing and farming the jungle for the first 15 minutes. TT picked the first Aegis of the game and that’s when it all went downhill for the Indonesian team. Seemingly losing their game sense, both BOOM cores were picked off one by one after getting caught out of position. Even after all the action, neither team had a clear lead in objectives except TT’s Terrorblade who was on top of the charts. Phantom Lancer and Terrorblade were eventually so ahead that they were the only two survivors. The duel ended up with Terrorblade teleporting away and waiting for a better time. A mere minute later, that time had come.

The series went from being favored for BOOM to TEAM TEAM taking the final match. TT continue onward to face Keen Gaming tomorrow and BOOM ID are sent home.

Image credit: PGL.