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Bucharest Minor playoffs see OG fall to Gambit Esports

Right after the Chinese Dota 2 showdown where EHOME came out victorious, it was time for OG to face Gambit.

The last time we saw the two teams against one another was at the recent We Play! Winter Madness where Gambit took the first spot with a 3-0 victory. Almost a week later, OG got their chance to make things right. The draft favored Gambit as they had more crowd control and good lane presence, with the only downside being Medusa, a rather slow to come online carry. OG took the first blood with a kill on the enemy Lich. Unlike the Winter Madness grand finals, Johan “n0tail” Sundstein’s team was doing much better in the early stage. Surprisingly, the hero with the highest net worth was the off-lane Sven from the side of OG. Despite getting a sneaky Roshan kill for their Huskar, OG still lost the following teamfight. Gambit took the lead as their enemy had no Black King Bars to answer the heavy crowd control and magic damage. In the meantime, Medusa was farming and getting bigger, while Huskar gradually fell off. With the score being 19-3 in favor of Gambit, things were looking grim for the TI champions. They showed some signs of life after successfully defending their bottom Tier 3 tower and even picking up the Aegis right after. Sadly, they lost it without getting any major objectives around the map as Huskar died twice, getting caught alone and out of position. Approaching the 30-minute mark, another disastrous fight resulted in OG losing three members, at which point they called it a “gg”.

In Game 2, both teams picked entirely different heroes, with only Razor coming back for the side of OG. The latter picking Phantom Lancer as their carry was a clear sign for Gambit that they had to win this game fast. N0tail’s Witch Doctor fell early and gave first blood to the enemy Visage. OG’s tri-lane comp on top was seriously lacking damage and they had issues securing farm and kills. Meanwhile, Queen of Pain picked a solo kill on the Razor, and Gambit were looking really good early on, taking the lead on two lanes and drawing even on the third one. OG lost two towers in the span of two minutes and their PL was completely shut down. There was seemingly nothing the team could do by the 10-minute mark. Game 2 turned into a slaughter as OG lost heroes left and right. Their only hope was cutting the waves and buying time, but Gambit wouldn’t have any of that as they focused on taking the enemy base. It took 18 minutes for the champions to fall.

This was their fifth loss in a row against Gambit Esports. Much like Keen Gaming, OG were now set to await their next opponent in the lower bracket. As for Gambit, the CIS team advanced to the Upper bracket finals where they’ll face EHOME tomorrow.

Image credit: PGL.