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Bucharest Minor playoffs NiP beat the champions

The second series for the day was between this year’s champion OG and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Peter “PPD” Dager, opened game one’s draft with a first pick Medusa for the side of NiP. OG answered in return with a last pick Invoker, one of Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen’s signature heroes. Other OG favorite heroes were also included in their line up like Earth Spirit and Magnus. Paired with Phantom Assassin it looked like a rough game for Ninjas. The first blood fell before the game even started with OG killing the enemy Medusa.

NiP’s main priority was to secure Medusa’s farm, as she was the only hero able to carry the game. Positioning her with two supports against the enemy PA, things worked well early. As a result of that the other two lanes were left alone and despite not getting much out of the lane Phantom Assassin had the option to come back into the game thanks to Magnus. Invoker and Medusa were the top two in gold and PA was slowly catching up by farming undisturbed in the enemy jungle. Just when the game seemed stale, a huge fight broke out with OG not losing a single hero.

OG took the clear lead and weren’t pushing their luck, instead looking for a good opening to acquire the Aegis. Another encounter near the Roshan pit later, Magnus did an amazing three-man Reverse Polarity which guaranteed OG an Aegis.

A push into the enemy base followed, once again wiping the entire line of NiP. Constantly on the run for their lives, PPD and his crew tapped out at minute 24.

Ninjas in Pyjamas had to win the second game or face elimination. Their draft though, once again included Medusa, this time backed up by Outworld Devourer.

NiP picked first blood by killing Johan “n0tail” Sundstein’s IO. With both Medusa for NiP and Luna for OG coming online rather late, it was up to the mid match up to decide the tempo. There it was Topnson’s Monkey King versus Outworld Devourer. Until minute 10 the game was slow with less than a kill per minute. NiP picked some gold and experience over two small teamfights, but not enough to propel them forth. It looked like the game would be a long one, favoring the Medusa. Luna was still a threat thanks to IO, accelerating her farm and threatening anyone on the map with Relocate/Eclipse. OG’s Tidehunter was caught out of position and his death allowed NiP to get an easy Roshan kill. Getting the extra life on OD resulted in nothing, as both teams avoided fighting in the next five minutes. With Medusa growing stronger, OG knew that a single mistake could cost them the base. Tidehunter and Luna fell alone and the champions lost their mid lane barracks. The next big fight near Roshan turned out to be the final one for the game as four members of OG fell.

NiP knew that enemy buybacks were down and simply took the throne in minute 33.

The final match gave us some unpopular heroes including Topson’s mid lane Rubick going up against a Puck. First blood came late almost hitting the three-minute mark when Neta “33” Shapira’s Sven killed n0tail’s Lich. In the next 15 minutes, this proved to be the least intense game of the Minor so far. OG had a serious lack of damage, being too dependent on what Rubick can steal and relying too much on the Gyrocopter. Just as the champion were about to do a sneaky kill on Roshan after killing the enemy Elder Titan, Adrian “Fata” Trinks stole the kill with his Puck. OG’s consolation prize was the Aegis of the Immortal. Even 20 minutes in no team had a clear advantage as both were trying to farm up and capitalize on a mistake made by the other. Eventually PPD and friends picked up the pace thanks to Sven and Puck, who managed to catch hero after hero alone. The advantage soon grew to 20 000 gold and 40 000 experience and there was no way for OG to come back into the game. They essentially had four supports and a Gyrocopter. Once the latter died in a teamfight the outcome was easily decided. The mega creeps joined in 34 minutes in, but OG simply refused to call it a game. It took two more minutes for the throne to call down and it was clear that OG will miss the Chongqing Major. NiP rightfully earned their spot to face Keen Gaming later today.

OG were among the favorites to win the Bucharest Minor, but they ended up in the Lower bracket for a good reason. The team had draft issues in most of the games and it’s clearly an issue they should work on. The third game had to end really early in order for the champions to win, but since they couldn’t get ahead it came down to OG’s elimination. Itemization in the final match also could’ve been better with Nature’s Prophet being an aurabot instead of a DPS and the two supports turning into bonus kills in the late stages.