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Bucharest Minor playoffs Keen send TEAM TEAM home

The playoffs of the Bucharest Minor continued today with opening matches between Keen Gaming and TEAM TEAM.

An interesting draft in game one with TT putting their faith in Medusa and the Chinese countering it with Sniper. Protecting the latter with the other heroes seemed to be the general strategy of Keen Gaming. The only way TEAM TEAM would be able to get in was a Blink Dagger and maybe Troll Warlord’s ultimate. The early laning phase was rather even with constant rotations on both sides.

Sniper and Medusa were both eager to take the first spot for a good 20 minutes, but eventually TEAM TEAM took the lead in both gold and experience. Despite their advantage, teamfights would often go in the way of the Chinese, who managed to kite them all too well.

Right after, Keen picked the Aegis of the Immortal for Sniper and TT still had no reliable way to kill him fast enough. Invading the enemy base with the extra life, Keen took their opponents mid and top barracks. Thanks to just the last couple of fights the advantage was completely shifted in favor of Keen. Picking the next Roshan without any problems, they were ready to finish the game with the next assault. Sniper slowly chipped away buildings and TEAM TEAM were forced to either engage and die or simply lose their base. The encounter proved to be the final one for the match as the Americans tapped out right after getting completely wiped out.

In the second draft TEAM TEAM stole the Sniper strategy, while also picking Anti-Mage to counter the enemy Medusa. With the potential to go either way, the game was entirely at the hands of supports and early laning. Anti-Mage claimed first blood with a kill on the enemy Keeper of the Light, catching him out of position. Despite the lane going well, Sniper and Anti-Mage switched lanes, but that didn’t stop Keen from focusing the former. A little over minute 10, Blink Daggers were coming online and soon the pace of the game would change. Anti-Mage was falling behind on farm, sitting a good deal below any of the other cores. A single quick teamfight gave TT renewed hope.

Securing a lead of 4000 gold and experience, it only grew in the following minutes. TEAM TEAM managed to kill a couple of crucial heroes and ended up taking the enemy’s bottom barracks. Minutes later they picked the Aegis of the Immortal and continued to keep the pressure, but it all went bad for them as they lost four members and only AM lived to tell the tale. The next fight caught Keen off guard as they were left with no buybacks to defend their base.

The Chinese tapped out with a “gg” and the score was now an even 1:1.

Game three’s draft banned some of the heroes from the previous match like, Sniper, Anti-Mage and Keeper of the Light. TT’s last pick was a Lifestealer which didn’t make a lot of sense against the enemy line up. Keen Gaming, on the other hand were full of heroes that worked – Phantom Assassin, Tiny, Lich, Grimstroke and even a Razor to counter the Lifestealer and Medusa. PA picked first blood with a kill on the 1-minute mark. Keen built an advantage from the very start, getting kills all over the map. Literally every lane was taken by the Chinese as TEAM TEAM were jungling with more than one hero. Another disastrous teamfight later, things were looking almost impossible for the Americans.

Keen’s advantage exceeded 15 000 gold and there was no way they could lose at this point. TEAM TEAM’s only way of killing anyone was with a Batrider/Lifestealer and their Medusa was easily kited. Claiming the next Aegis, Keen headed to wrap it up, taking top and mid barracks, but hesitating to go for the throne. Instead they wrapped around to the bottom lane and TT prepared for their final defense. TEAM TEAM’s attempt to get a pick with Batrider turned into a disaster and they were eventually forced to call it a “gg”.

Keen advance further and await their next opponent and TEAM TEAM get to go home.

Image credit: PGL.