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Bucharest Minor Upper Bracket Finals Gambit versus EHOME

The third series of the they were the Upper bracket finals of the Bucharest Minor.

The two best performing teams so far, each the leader in their respective group were finally facing one another. Gambit have been on a streak ever since the We Play! Winter Madness where they claimed the first place, while EHOME finished second in the DPL Season 6, losing only to Vici Gaming.

After the draft, both teams ended up with good late game carries Terrorblade for EHOME and Medusa for Gambit. The main problem for Gambit throughout the match would be the enemy Sniper as nobody besides Tusk could get close fast. The latter made some kills in the early game possible with pressure on both middle and top. Knowing that Medusa will take some time farming away from the rest, EHOME started moving as five and looking for fights. Any 4 versus 5 encounter was easily won by the Chinese and on top of that, Terrorblade wasn’t even falling behind Medusa in networth. Showing good game awareness Gambit were actively dodging fights waiting for the late game. Roshan was the one fight where none of the two teams could skip.

Medusa picked up the Aegis, but that didn’t prevent her from getting kited. The two teams completely ignored each other and focused on farming until the next Roshan spawned. Kills were exchanged and EHOME had to waste several buybacks.

Another fight like that and it meant a sure victory for Gambit. EHOME’s Beastmaster managed to steal both the kill on Roshan as well as the Aegis. Approaching the one hour mark, this was the longest game of the tournament yet. Team morale started to drop, as EHOME managed to isolate and kill Dazzle and Underlord. The 70th minute marked a final teamfight in which EHOME came out on top mainly thanks to Sniper, who murdered everyone.

Medusa and Underlord simply couldn’t defend the base alone and their ancient fell two minutes later.

Even the draft in game two was a change of pace with both teams picking aggressive early game heroes with the sole exception being Anti-Mage for the side of EHOME. There really wasn’t much magic damage or high mana on Gambit, but their lack of crowd control was reason enough to pick the AM. Nikita “Daxak” Kuzmin’s Gyro claimed first blood with a kill on the enemy Tusk. Gambit’s main objective was to prevent AM from farming, but the laning phase went terrible for them and it was a setup for disaster. The first major teamfight happened around minute 12.

Shortly after Anti-Mage finished his Battlefury and it was when things got scary as he started to push. Gambit picked the first Aegis of the game without much resistance from the enemy, but they simply couldn’t leave a lane unattended, because of the Anti-Mage. Furthermore, EHOME had much more reliable crowd control than Gambit and that soon became evident. Even the Aegis wasn’t enough to win a teamfight.

With Kunkka and Anti-Mage both having Black King Bars things weren’t looking good for the CIS team. Despite that Gambit, claimed the next Aegis and destroyed the enemy bottom barracks, even wasting the buyback of Kunkka. Their greed cost them a lot though, as they overstayed.

Right after that EHOME marched into the enemy base and took the mid lane barracks while also killing IO and Keeper of the Light. Things shifted quickly as the next teamfight spelled death for Kunkka and Gambit had their take on the enemy mid barracks. Instead of taking mega creeps, they decided to go for the throne, but AM was doing the same in their base. The two teams split into complete chaos and nobody came out victorious with the two ancients still standing. Minutes later after another big teamfight EHOME walked into the Radiant base and ended the match.

The Chinese team took the series with 2:0 securing their spot at the grand finals tomorrow and sending Gambit to the Lower bracket.