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BTG take it over SPT in China Gold League

Beyond The Game took the series against Super Perfect Team and RPG in the China Gold League. RPG were on a streak in the playoffs, but then they met BTG who ended it with a 3-0. Little did we know that their next opponents would suffer the same fate.

In game one, which took place on Sky Temple, a more experienced drafter could tell you who’ll be victorious without even watching it. BTG’s picks were heavily focused on offence and definitely outclassed their opponents as far as damage and burst go. They had the early game secured, but once SPT hit level 10 and got their hands on ultimate abilities, things were a bit different.

The great contest for control over the temples began and the lead was going back and forth between the two rivals. While it all looked grim for BTG, when SPT took the Sand Golem and had a nice push going, their siege failed and it was time for a comeback. The insane damage potential on BTG allowed them to easily take the enemy core with only an enemy Junkrat as the sole defence.

The MVP of the game went to BTG LLK for his outstanding Alarak performance.

Game two was again dominated by BTG. The Diablo pick, along with Sonya and Zarya, provided them with plenty of shields and sustain, while having decent chase and burst. They did some excellent trades, usually sacrificing only one of their members for four or five of the enemy team. The last time that happened, they just took the core and Infernal Shrines was theirs.

SPT had their last chance to secure a spot in the Mid-Season Brawl and The Battlefield of Eternity provided the chance, but they couldn’t make good use of it. This time they Super Perfect Team had the seemingly better draft, with a Diablo that was a thorn in their enemy’s side for the entirety of the game. They took the first two Immortal, but didn’t manage to get an objective, besides two towers. Really unfortunate for them, they fell to a Dragon Arrow and Sundering combo that turned the match around for BTG, who in turn took the Immortal and finished the series with a final push.

Tomorrow we’ll be able to enjoy the finals and see who’ll be the second team going to the Mid-Season Brawl.