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Boston undefeated

The Playoffs are almost here, and the teams have to do their absolute best. And make no mistake – they all did just that.

Los Angeles Gladiators 1-3 Boston Uprising

Boston came to this fight with a 9-0 score and wanted to make sure this is their final victory to complete an unprecedented flawless 10-0 run. The Gladiators, on the other hand, still had a chance to see the Playoffs and they needed to do everything they can to stop the Uprising, or at the very least, win two maps.

With both teams practically specialising in tiebreak maps, it was expected that the battle will be settled on Oasis.
LA took the lead on map one, but a reverse sweep crushed their hopes of a strong opener. With perfect positioning and careful movement, the Uprising secured the second map and thing’s started looking bad for Fissure and his squad. Keeping the momentum, the blue team rushed Nepal and took the lead, but after tons of damage from Hydration’s Pharah and crucial player elimination, the map was won for Los Angeles.

Route 66 was the map they absolutely had to win, and they ultimately dropped the ball. The Gladiators went ahead with a 4-3 score before the final run. However, Boston did what must be done and secured the never-before-seen perfect run in the League.   

New York Excelsior 3-1 Shanghai Dragons

This clash between the first and the last in the League standings was very interesting to watch. The Dragons keep improving their defence and their play on Volskaya was very well executed. However, the Excelsior played extremely aggressively, countering Shanghai’s strategy and killing them one by one. The reds could not withstand the constant dives and gave way. The dynamic changed on Numbani. Geguri kept winning her team enough time to get the kills and tie the series. The NYXL kept methodically filling the spaces and landing the kills they needed, and got their final victory in the Stage.

London Spitfire 3-2 Seoul Dynasty

The final match of the night was intense! The all-Korean battle was a constant back-and-forth. Birdring was back on stage, ready to show that both his wrist and his thoughts are healed and he is ready to pop the kills. The Tigers walked on stage with Joon-hyeok ‘Zunba’ Kim and Gi-do ‘Gido’ Moon in their line-up, leaving them with no main tank. Gido took on his typical Support role on Zenyatta, while Zunba was the one locking D.Va. Looks like the surprise paid off because they won the first map after losing the first two points. The trading continued in full force with 3-2 in the second map and 0-2 in the third. Junkertown. In the half-time Hoorek came to switch Birdring and the Spitfire were back in their established composition for Stage 3. The Stage 1 winners scored a tough 3-2 and it was off to the tiebreak to settle the score. The relentless assaults scored them a much welcome 2-0 and the series was over.

The interesting composition and surprising line-up of the Dynasty was a great move, and so was their performance. But they lacked just a little something in the final game to overpower their mighty opponent.