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BlizzCon 2018: UK pulls off surprising victory against USA in OWWC

UK surprisingly defeated USA in the opening match of the Overwatch World Cup, which kicked off on Friday at BlizzCon 2018. 

Team USA started very strong winning the first round but Team UK managed to turn the tables around in an unexpected twist.

The Americans were considered to be the stronger side and to have the upper hand, but the Brits managed to keep a stiff upper lip and snatch victory with a 3-1 thus moving forward in the competition. The Overwatch World Cup Top 8 rules are merciless with direct eliminations – this means that the United States are out of the competition for good.

Team UK advances in the Top 4 and will have to face the winner from the match between Australia and South Korea.

Stay tuned for more news as currently Canada and France are facing off against one another. The winner will challenge whoever manages to secure victory from the match between China and Finland.