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Avast, ye Hearthstone swabs: pirates of Rastakhan are here

The new Hearthstone expansion brings a crew of pirates led by a mighty troll captain.

One of the champions of the Gurubashi arena leading the Rogue team is an original Hearthstone character designed specifically for Rastakhan’s Rumble. This notorious cheat and fearsome buccaneer is known as Captain Hooktusk.

Her card was just spoiled, along with another one named Raiding Party. Let’s take a look.

Captain Hooktusk has a striking appearance – she is a nimble female troll who draws her nickname for a very apparent reason – she has hooks in her teeth. Everything about her picture screams pirate adventure – from her tricorne hat and big cannon as a weapon to little details such as the little shark and anchor ornaments around her belt. Her long pink braids and the colorful feathers on her head give a sense of playfulness and mischievous attitude. However, she packs quite the punch.

A 6-attack-3-health body for (8) mana is definitely fragile and underwhelming, but her text box reads “Battlecry: Summon 3 Pirates from your deck. Give them Rush.” That’s a lot of pirates! With the proper support, she can easily pull one or two Southsea Captains, buff her entire armada and ram the enemy minions. While Charge would have been the tool of choice should you try to go for the throat and finish off the opponent, 3 Rush minions plus a 6/3 for (8) screams “take no prisoners” in terms of playstyle.

Another card coming to support the scurvy captain is Raiding Party. It is a Rogue-only Rare, costing (3) mana that reads “Draw 2 Pirates from your deck. Combo: And a weapon.” That’s how you get your Captain Hooktusk along with a first mate to crew her ship. The risks of running a tribal-themed deck such as Pirate Rogue is not drawing the right minions at the right time. This card mitigates that and gives you all the things you’d need to make your opponent walk the plank.

Pirates have always been a fun archetype in Hearthstone that’s not really competitive. A massive exception was the Pirate Warrior Tier 1 deck that ran rampant on the ladder during the Whispers of the Old Gods era. Will this fearsome troll captain bring pirates back to the top? We are curious to find out.