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Auto Chess gets its own tournament

The Dota 2 mode which exploded in popularity is getting a dedicated event "sponsored" by Valve.

Dota 2 Auto Chess has quite a lot of players for a game within the game, even greatly exceeding the numbers in Valve’s latest game Artifact. Auto Chess caught the interest of many, with even top Dota 2 streamers dedicating quite a few hours into it. In the average match eight players go against one another and pick their line up of characters. Different heroes and units have different pros, cons and synergy, which makes the game highly tactical and requires players to adapt to the enemy strategy. There’s of course some those of RNG as the units one can choose from are randomly generated at the start of each phase. Naturally as the number of both players and audience grew, some people started thinking about making an actual tournament.

One of them is Brian “BananaSlamJamma” Canavan, more commonly known as BSJ. Canavan is one of the popular Dota 2 streamers in the region of North America and can usually be found behind the talent desk at events or playing in the competitive scene. BSJ planned to make a tournament for all his subscribers which would feature a prize of $500, but things changed. A Valve employee offered support for the event essentially sponsoring it by adding more money to the prize, which now stands at $5000.

According to the tweet, the tournament is scheduled to start at noon PDT on January 19. The whole situation raised a few questions, until BSJ himself clarified that saying the event was "Valve sponsored" was a bad joke.

In the current scenario, it’s all locked behind a paywall/entry fee, since anyone who wants to participate will have to subscribe to BSJ.