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Atlantic Division takes the All-Star weekend

Overwatch League’s Inaugural season concluded with the first All-Star weekend, a series of show matches between OWL’s best players elected by the fans.

The series spanned between multiple formats, game mods, and maps, and ultimately were won by the Atlantic Division in a convincing 4-1. The sold-out Blizzard Arena witnessed a fun competition with plenty of jokes, friendly trash-talk and banter, including both players and casters. This was a nice change of phase from the high-intensity games of the Overwatch League where competitors and spectators are constantly kept on the edge of their seats. The All-Star weekend was a celebration of the fun aspects of Overwatch, as well as its community.

Lucioball Showdown

The opening event of All-Star Saturday went to the Atlantic Division in a tight 2-1 best-of-three series victory. The teams opened with verbal shots, accompanied by ironic remarks towards their own preparation., which both teams claimed is non-existent. Poko from the Philadelphia Fusion, a D.Va main, scored several goals, including the series winner, with less than a minute to go in the rubber match. Geguri from the Shanghai Dragons showed impressive goalie skills, alternating between Lucio’s melee attacks of ball-control and his ult on the offense.

The best-of-five

All 35 All-Stars from the Overwatch League’s Atlantic and Pacific Divisions took part in the five-map series. In the main event, the best-of-five competitive game started with a King’s Row victory for Pacific, but the other four maps were swept by the Atlantic.

During the halftime break, Mickie of the Dallas Fuel was presented the Dennis Hawelka Award by casters MonteCristo and Uber.

During halftime of the All-Star game, “Mickie” was presented the Dennis Hawelka Award by Overwatch League broadcasters MonteCristo and Uber. The award named after Dennis “INTERNETHULK” Hawelka, a notable member of the Overwatch community who passed away in November of 2017.

It’s not just an award. Dennis has changed my life,” commented Mickie for

Talent Takedown

The Overwatch League casters and analyzers left their stations to compete on-stage at Blizzard Arena, while Overwatch League players Mickie (Dallas Fuel), Bischu (LA Gladiators), Custa and Agilities (LA Valiant) were broadcasting the games. There was friendly banter and zingers fired on both sides, but the Pacific took the best-of-three series 2-0, led by Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson and Soe Gschwind-Penski, who also won the Talent Takedown MVP award.

Widowmaker 1v1 Challenge

LA Gladiators’ Surefour was crowned the best Widowmaker, after a series of close matches. He defeated the mighty Carpe from the Philadelphia Fusion in Saturday’s skill game finale with a score of 9 to 6.

Mystery Heroes

Newcomer Hammond and outsider Symmetra made their official Overwatch League debut as six All-Stars from both the Atlantic and Pacific Divisions competed in a best-of-three Mystery Heroes series. Atlantic Division secured the series 2-1, though the Pacific gave them a run for their money.

Lockout Elimination

Pacific defeated New York Excelsior’s Saebyeolbe and his Atlantic Division teammates in a 2-1 Lockout Elimination, punishing him for a comment he made earlier, stating there was no plan and no preparation. Of course, this was all in the spirit of the All-Star games and the low-stakes light atmosphere.

This concluded the celebration and closed Overwatch League’s first season. All 12 inaugural season teams can re-sign their own players up until September 8, after which unsigned players will become free agents, and will be up for grabs by the newly listed franchises.