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Astralis are your FACEIT Major champions!

Astralis have won FACEIT Major after defeating Natus Vincere 2-0 in the Grand Final. In a lopsided final the Danes took Nuke 16-6 and Overpass 16-9 to lift their second Major title in as many years.

Natus Vincere were playing better and better in the course of the tournament but got completely outplayed in the final, starting at the veto. Astralis opted to ban Train instead of Cache which led to Nuke being available when they had to pick and with 18 straight wins on this map it was a feel-good start even before guns were pulled.

As expected, Astralis dominated the first map. Na'Vi squeezed just one gun round for the entire duration of the map and winning both pistols was the only reason their score hit six rounds.

Overpass was much more balanced, at least for one half. This time it was Astralis that showed better skill with the pistols and that turned out to be crucial as nine of their wins were post-pistol holds. Na`Vi performed much better in gun rounds compared to Nuke, but it could not compensate for the slumps created by the lost pistols. Though they probably deserved more on Overpass, overall Na'Vi were second best in this match and had to settle for the silver.

This is a second Major win for Astralis following ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017, which makes them only the second organization with more than one Major title. They are trailing fnatic, who have won three. With such a young, talented roster under the tutelage of Danny "zonic" Sørensen, fnatic's stature as the most successful organization in CS:GO Major history might soon be revised.