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ASL Dota 2 Season 1

All Star League is the first of its kind for the Middle East and North Africa region and will provide exposure for local teams, potentially giving them a chance to join the pro scene.

The event is organised by Gamers Lounge.  The latter specialises in high-level gaming tournaments and aim to change the eSports scene in the Middle East providing players with the best experience & environment that allows them to be seen, prepared and ready compete on an international level.

ASL is a point-based league where each team plays against the other 7 and the winner is the one with the highest score. Out of the 128 teams from all over the Middle East and North Africa that participated in the qualifier, only four made it to the end where they joined the other four invited ones. The prize pool consists of AMD Ryzen 7 1700x/1800x for the first and second place, respectively.

The current teams in this season are:

  • Egypt - Bend Over (invited) - Kkzor, TheVeryFamouAr3a1234, MeetYourBob, SuperRudy, JAFAR
  • Jordan - Vikings (invited) - islA, Kempo, AmJaDRooNeY, Smasher, X!!
  • Lebanon - Team Lebanon (invited) Eixn, Rajjix, CBS, GeGe, Noob
  • Egypt - Team No Fear (invited) - HaMada, Dominator, Wagapapa, Pixel, Demon
  • Algeria - Gama 5 (qualified) - Raging Batato, RayZen, Yonko_1oa, Mer[One]-`, ParaDox, Liogic
  • Egypt - Army Reborn (qualified) - MeGa, Weezy, Alt.QQ, roddent, Lucian
  • Lebanon - Cedars (qualified) - Selena Gomez, monsterkill, lapin, Aromez, zipzap
  • Jordan - Mario Gaming (qualified) T I T A N I U M, Bushmav, Mego, SpOOn, Haki^

The tournament is nearing its end, which is 3 May 2018, but spectators will still be able to enjoy the rest of the matches. If interested, you can check some of the highlights or the stream.