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Are you prepared for a Hearthstone adventure?

The Rumble Run comes out next week and players need to be prepared for the battle of the generation.

We told you about the brand-new single-player adventure when it was first announced, but now developer Blizzard has revealed even more details presented in a nice YouTube video:

It this latest episode of Hearthside Chat, Mission Designer Paul Nguyen shared some interesting new details about the upcoming story-driven play mode.

We know that the player will be stepping in the shoes of Rikkar, a Troll warrior on his quest to impress the animal spirits known as the Loa. He will be selecting a Loa to patron him and his Hero portrait will change to reflect this choice. We see him with a creepy skull mask and glowing pink-energy staff in the Bats, the pirate hat of the Sharks and so on.

We also know who are the antagonists in the storyline – logically enough, these are the champions of the remaining eight Loa teams! This means that we will be fighting the likes of Zul’Jin, Princess Talanji and Captain Hooktusk!

Along the way, Rikkar will harness the power of his Loa by utilizing its totem, but also recruiting teammates from among the nine tribes to aid him on his mission. Between fights, players will be given some new cards and powerful Spells and Weaponthatan can be combined to devastating results.

Those who manage to defeat all 8 bosses will be rewarded with the Rumble Run exclusive card back, only available through this achievement.

The new game mode hits the client next week.