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AAA introduces esports to high schools

The Arkansas Activities Association has helped introduce competitive gaming across multiple state schools with the help of PlayVS.

California-based startup and esports league PlayVS and the Arkansas Activities Association are bringing top-notch esports competitions to high-schools. Now that the United States has been gripped by a fever for collegiate video gaming, it’s only natural the popularity of esports has spilled over to the lower-level of academia.

In New York, esports are used in primary school as well, making the industry a widespread phenomenon indeed. Now, PlayVS will be actively assisting Arkansas in bringing competitive video gaming to the state’s schools.

PlayVS is also collaborating with the National Federation of State High School Associations which has helped further develop the basic rulebook for competitions. It’s estimated that 80 schools from Arkansas are already joining the competitive fray played out across multiple titles, including:

  • Smite
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League

Arkansas’ schools have managed to attract traditional teachers who are able to teach academia as well as video gaming, combined with life lessons.

AP World History teacher and Esports coach at Lake Hamilton High School Logan Horton has commented on the connection between science and esports. Speaking for KATV, Horton said:

In the last few years, we’ve seen this really big emphasis on STEM so I can show and encourage these parents Esports will involve them in teamwork and communication and critical thinking skills. All these things that we're trying to teach students in school anyway.

Scholarships are also an important part of the esports ecosystem in educational institutions. This is particularly the case for collegiate esports, but with the now spreading involvement by high schools, this is changing, offering youngsters new chances of securing their futures by doing something they love.

Thumbnail image credit: Arkansas Activities Association