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A chance to unlock your Celestial Ursa and more

Forget about the War Bear(s), there’s a new kid in town. Blizzard have announced that with the latest patch coming online on 27 March, you’ll also have a chance to get the freshest mount to date – The Celestial Ursa, which, as expected, has the Ursa Major constellation all over it. So, if you care more about looking good and have nothing against being a big glowing target amidst the battleground, it’s just for you. One might argue that it could be used strategically to lure enemies to you on purpose, but that might be a stretch.

This mount will replace the Celestial Raptor as a first-time gem purchase reward. You can unlock it by purchasing gems for the first time after this patch has been released and it could be any number of gems that’ll do the trick.

The update also included two additional mounts – The Char Zergling, hailing from the volcanic ashes of the eponymous planet and The Kaldir Zergling which as the name might suggest comes from the polar opposite, a cold moon in the Koprulu sector. Interestingly enough the moon is question is also home to a species, called Ursadons. While I personally prefer the space bear, I guess the Zerg are beautiful in their own way.