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100 Thieves triumph in 50-minute LCS slugfest

In one of the longest games of the LCS this season, 100 Thieves found their second win of the split by defeating Clutch Gaming. The two teams traded advantages for nearly fifty minutes, until a decisive teamfight finally pushed 100T over the line.

The thieves got the better start of the game, getting two key kills in the first ten minutes; even more importantly, one of them went to Bae “Bang” Jun-sik's Vayne. The team continued looking stronger as the teamfights began and had the early dragon advantage, but as the game slowed down, Clutch showed good zone control and were able to secure a few objectives for themselves

Video credit: Riot Games

24 minutes in, 100 Thieves looked to have a clear way to the Baron after getting a great flank and four quick kills, but a last-second snipe from Nam “Lira” Tae-yoo's Jayce picked off Bang and did not allow his team to fully capitalize on the opportunity. The thieves finally secured their first Baron after another won teamfight 31 minutes in, using it to take some inhibitor towers, retreat to the elder drake and use that buff to take two inhibitors before the Baron respawned. However, the second time they went to the Baron pit, a great steal by Lira secured it for Clutch and put them back in the game.

The two teams stalked each other as the late-game neared, 100T looking for a flank and a decisive teamfight, while Clutch tried to land poke and keep Bang's Vayne at an arm's length in fights as they whittled their opponents down. 44 minutes in, CG finally found a shutdown on 100T's AD carry and took an elder of their own that supercharged their poke and put their opponents on the back foot. Even the third baron going to 100T did not decide the game, and while Clutch were being pushed back, they were doing a great job zoning Vayne in teamfights and controlling 100T's damage.

Video credit: Riot Games

It all ended 50 minutes in as Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun on Lissandra broke the Clutch resistance with a great engage that negated their vital zone control and saw Bang and Andy “AnDA Hoang on Aatrox run amok in the fight. It was a clean ace for 100T, who were left with plenty of time to push into the enemy base and claim the victory.

In a match that showcased two different playstyles and saw both teams have to dig deep, 100 Thieves outplayed their opponents when it counted. Huhi has received a lot of criticism for his earlier performances, but this game his Lissandra was instrumental in several key fights.

Thumbnail image credit: Riot Games