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Yuumi and Swain to be buffed, Aphelios nerfed in Patch 10.15

With the competitive season coming along nicely, League of Legends developer Riot Games is always working to keep the meta fresh. The recently announced changes for patch 10.15 feature both expected and unexpected alterations to the game.

Rioter Mark “RiotScruffy” Yetter recently tweeted the planned changes for the upcoming patch. We will take a short look at some of the most notable changes, although the exact nature of some of them still remain to be seen.

For competitive, there are nerfs to the keystone Unsealed Spellbook, as well as the champions Aphelios, Ornn, Lee Sin and Thresh. All of these champions, with Aphelios being particularly notorious, have been competitive mainstays throughout this split and are to a certain extent solid blind picks. Unsealed Spellbook has been picked up more and more and allows champions unmatched utility and versatility. A champion who is also on the chopping block who has been using Spellbook is Twisted Fate, who will be taken down a notch as well.

The buffs have some surprises as well. There is a mini-rework for Swain, who will gain a huge boost on his Vision of Empire range, while seeing his passive changed. Skarner, the least popular scorpion, receives some straight up buffs to his Q, giving him Max Health damage, aiding his dueling power. The final noteable buff recipient is Yuumi, which is one of the more unpopular champions to play against and had just left the meta with the 10.13 nerfs

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Image Credit: Riot Games