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YouTube looks to fight Twitch – Expands on clips and adds sub-only chat

It looks like the streaming wars have been kicked up a notch, as YouTube is aiming to increase their accessibility as a streaming platform.

YouTube seems to have their sights set on Twitch with some of the newest updates they’ve pushed for their streaming creators. They announced that they’ve updated their clipping tool and have made it more elaborate and easier to use (with testing having already started back in January), while also introducing two other features in the form of a subscriber-only chat and integrated polls. With these changes it looks like they’re doubling down in their fight against Twitch.

The fact that YouTube seems to be looking towards their streamers more and more isn’t a surprise. Over the past few years YouTube has become increasingly popular as a streaming platform, with them bringing in big creators such as Valkyrae and Courage, while offering a new home to DrDisrespect after his ban and fallout with Twitch. Streaming on YouTube has become its own thing and it’s a feature that they’re aiming to grow.

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While Twitch is still indisputably on top and holds the biggest market share as a streaming platform, it’s clear that YouTube has been catching up. With alternatives such as Mixer disappearing, it looks like YouTube is coming for Twitch next. In any case, some form of competition should be great for consumers and creators alike, especially in light of the criticism Twitch has received lately.

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