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You’ll now be able to watch Rocket League esports in Fortnite

Fortnite keeps on pushing the boundaries, as they’ve now made it possible to watch Rocket League esports through the game.

The way you’ll be able to watch Rocket League esports in Fortnite will be through the creative mode, where it’ll be possible to host watch parties for the larger competitions. Fortnite has worked together with 404FNC and FiveWalves and built the Champions Field (Rocket League), where it’ll be possible to watch the RLCS Winter Major, which is running from March 23 until March 27.

Fortnite also gave out some other updates on Championship Field, which is filled with other activities such as minigames. They also imply it’ll be possible to gain more loot and cosmetic items to use in Fortnite. “Pick a team to root for, play in awesome mini-games around the arena, and fill up your Boost Meter to unlock new items and abilities!“

While it’s not the first time Fortnite has done an esports-related integration, and it’s certainly not the first time they’ve hosted watch parties, they went on to say they’ve got even more things planned in the future. “This is only the beginning. Stay tuned to experience more epic esports moments with your friends as Rocket League Live evolves throughout the #RLCS season.”

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Image Credit: Epic Games (Fortnite)
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