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Yoru returns to VALORANT as exploit is fixed

Riot Games has decided to enable their agent Yoru again after fixing an exploit that saw him able to teleport outside of the play area.

The exploit involving Yoru became known earlier last week, when multiple videos and reddit threads surfaced which saw the agent teleport outside of the playable area, a lot of them being featured on Breeze. With Breeze recently added in the competitive map rotation, the exploit was abused often by players looking to score cheap wins and win rounds. Not only Breeze was affected however, as another exploit was found on Bind as well.

To make sure players wouldn’t be able to abuse the Yoru exploits any longer, Riot Games decided to pull him from the game and disable him temporarily while they worked on a fix for the exploits. Today Riot Games has decided to bring the agent back into rotation. “Yoru’s back in action. We temporarily disabled Yoru due to an exploit where he could teleport outside the play area. This exploit should be fixed!”

It’s certainly not the first time exploits of this nature have been found within the game, as agents such as Jett and Omen have faced similar problems in the past, but the one with Yoru was certainly a problematic one. Fortunately Riot Games identified the issue and was able to resolve it.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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