October 2, 2020

YNk calls out CS:GO organizations turning banned coaches into analysts

Janko “YNk” Paunovic, who is currently the head coach of FaZe Clan, has called out CS:GO organizations that are moving banned coaches to analyst roles. Multiple coaches received a ban following an investigation by the ESIC for abusing a spectator bug that gave coaches an advantage.

YNk took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the subject calling out organizations, ENCE and Heroic most of all, that are still keeping their coaches on board but just moving them to an analyst role. “Some of these orgs really are a joke, their coaches found guilty of using the bug, multiple times and with clear intent of gaining a competitive advantage and you simply move them to an ‘analyst’ position? Seriously?”

The head coach also talked about how these moves may affect the industry and the example they set. “I’m all for giving people second chances but you also need to face the consequences for what you’ve done. What kind of an example are we setting here? Do the time and then you can come back and get another opportunity to redeem yourself and prove you’re better than that.”

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The organizations are not doing anything wrong when it comes to the bans, however. The banned coaches are still permitted to work with the organization and players but can’t be involved in communication during the match and 15 minutes before it starts. The question YNk poses is mostly an ethical one. Valve themselves have not yet responded after the ESIC investigation.

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Image source: BLAST Pro Series
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