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XSET through to VCT Three Challengers One Main Event grand final

XSET is well underway to win the VCT Stage Three Challengers One main event after winning against 100 Thieves in the upper bracket final.

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The win comes just one day after their incredible three map win over Sentinels.

Just as against Sentinels, XSET needed all three maps to bag the win.

The series started off on Haven, with 100 Thieves using a similar aggressive defense that Sentinels used against XSET just a day earlier. After some back and forth round exchanges the score was tied 6-6 at halftime, and 12-12 at fulltime, forcing overtime.

Zekken, a huge 16-year old talent, took over both rounds to give XSET the 1-0 map lead, topping the server with 27 kills as well.

With their backs against the wall, 100 Thieves switched up their defensive playstyle and played more passively on Icebox. Seemingly unleashed, asuna racked up 19 kills on Reyna at halftime, helping his team to a 10-2 lead.

After going up 12-2, it was Hiko who stopped the comeback dreams with a beautiful 3k in the final round to even the scores.

Ascent decided the series that had gone back and forth, and the first half was no different. XSET jumped out to a 7-5 lead at halftime. A solid second half from dephh on Astra and AYRIN secured the 13-9 win, and a ticket to the grand final.

All four remaining teams have already punched their ticket to the NA Challengers Playoffs, where eight teams will fight over three spots at the VCT Masters Three Berlin. They will play out the bracket for placement and prize money.

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Image Credit: XSET (Twitter)