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xQc talks about moving back to Canada after repeatedly being swatted and raided

During one of his livestreams, xQc revealed that he decided to make the move to Canada after being swatted in his house repeatedly.

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According to xQc, he would get swatted and raided by the police so regularly he nearly lost his mind. “The main reason why I wanted to move back to Canada in the first place, a month ago, is we were getting raided by the police station at rates that made absolutely no sense. The police came to our house with the full squad because of certain idiots and I genuinely was afraid I was going to die.”

The situation got so out of control that xQc decided it’d be better if he moved back home to Canada. He eventually moved in with friends in Texas. “I started to reach out to all my friends in Austin and started telling them what was going on and asked what they thought about it. Then some other stuff happened that was way worse and I just wanted to get out of here.”

Swatting is an issue a lot of streamers and personalities face, where people anonymously make a false report such as a murder or bomb threat, to send a SWAT team of trained police agents to someones home. This can be extremely dangerous, as back in 2017 an officer shot and killed a civilian who was swatted by someone following a disagreement on a wager in ‘Call of Duty: World War II’.

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Image Credit: xQc