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Is a Collab coming between xQc and Master Chef?

Despite the DMCA crackdown on shows such as Master Chef, xQc claims he may be able to continue with his reaction content.

Twitch’s new meta is in jeopardy as DMCA crackdowns have begun. For months, streamers would able to re-broadcast copyrighted content without restrictions. Full length television shows and movies were shown on stream to live audiences. Master Chef was easily one of the most viewed shows among streamers, broadcasted by xQc, Hasanabi, and more.

Mere days ago Fox Network, the host channel for Master Chef, began to issue takedowns across Twitch. Popular streamer Hasan Piker stated that he, nor any other streamer on Twitch, would be able to view the Master Chef after receiving a message from Twitch staff.

While other streamers have been explicitly warned to stay away Master Chef, xQc holds out hope for his favorite show. “Guys, I don’t want to say anything crazy about it. I don’t want to get ahead of anything or get anybody’s hopes up, but I actually enjoy MasterChef a lot and my people are talking to their people” the French-Canadian streamer alleged, “So there might be something cool with that. Maybe in the future, we’ll be able to watch some of it. We’ll see how it’s going to work, but it’s getting worked on.”

The vague allusion gave little details but a promise that xQc could reach an agreement with Fox Network. Gordon Ramsey himself has even recently referenced his show’s prevalence on Twitch, potentially hinting that the star television chef could make an appearance on the streaming platform.

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