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World First Race

WoW Shadowlands Mythic World First Race to start – Everything you need to know

It is finally time for the world’s best raiders to chase the elusive World First Mythic kill in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Roughly a month has passed since the delayed Launch of Shadowlands. Now the time has come to determine the best raiders in the MMO. The first Mythic Raid will open its doors on December 15 (December 16 for EU). Within Castle Nathria 10 bosses await their challengers with the menacing Sire Denathrius as final boss.

Who will claim the first clear against Sire Denathrius? Let’s take a closer look at the favorites:

The Defending Champions: Complexity-Limit

Complexity-Limit are the defending champions for Shadowlands’ first Mythic Raid tier. The American guild managed to claim the World First on N’Zoth Mythic to cap off Battle for Azeroth and will surely be looking for a repeat. Their broadcast will not only feature the guildmembers but also a dedicated casting team with special guests:

Ex-Method on the Loose: Echo

After the implosion of Method in Summer amidst a scandal of sexual misconduct, harrasment and worse many of the former members have banded together to create Echo. With so many top players in their ranks they will now be competing under a different banner and trying to step out of the shadow cast by Method’s demise.

Pieces to take first?

Pieces have been a mainstay at the top of the raiding guilds in WoW since Battle for Azeroth. While they managed to claim the World First on Crucible of Storms, they were “only” third on N’Zoth. They will be streaming their attempts with voice comms for the first time:

In Search of Redemption: Method

Once the posterchild of the raiding scene summer 2020 saw Method implode amidst a scandal of sexual misconduct, harrassment and worse. It resulted in an exodus of players, partners and sponsors for the guild. Since then Method have made quite the effort to rebuild from scratch and recruited a brand new roster that will compete under their banner. They will also stream their progress albeit at a much smaller scale than in previous years:

While most eyes will be focused on the frontrunners and known guilds in this race, the other regions and smaller guild should not be underestimated. The stage is set and the players are ready for the race.

Will Sire Denathrius last longer than N’Zoth? Tune into the streams starting December 15 to find out!

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Image Credit: Blizzard