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WoW: Shadowlands Launch – Five Tips to get Started

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion is launching today. Here are five tips to get started on the right foot in Shadowlands.

Before you start into the newest addon for World of Warcraft here are a couple of quick hints and pointers for the new expansion.

1. Clean out your inventory

While it is a tip that gets repeated each and every time a new addon releases, too many players do not take it to heart. So if you are not regularly housekeeping your items make sure to do so before you dive into Shadowlands. You don’t want to be the one guy who has to keep running back to the vendor every 3 quests because you ran out of space.

Make sure to also clean out your bank. Take a good hard look at the things you collected over the years and ask yourself, do you really need to keep them? And if all else fails you can always dump everything on a bank character.

2. Don’t fret too much about Covenants

One of the shiny new features of the expansion pack are the Covenants you can choose from during your journey through Azeroth’s afterlife. While they are an important choice, you should not think too hard about it. Make sure to get a feel for every Covenant during your leveling journey before picking your exclusive abilities and quests.

There will inevitably be an “optimal” choice depending on your plans for endgame content and activities but in general Covenants will not define your character’s growth through the expansion. And don’t forget that you can always just switch Covenant later on if your initial choice is unsatisfactory.

3. Update your addons

Naturally, a new expansion pack means that your previous addons will need updates. Make sure to disable addons that are not yet optimized for Shadowlands to prevent crashes or errors. Servers are likely to be overloaded with a surge of new and returning players and it would be a shame to go back to the queue because your addon decided to kick you out of Azeroth.

4. Focus on one character first

For a new expansion there is always the temptation to frequently hop between characters to get a feel for the changes before actually committing to a new main. For Shadowlands you should try to focus early on as Blizzard has introduced a system that will allow you to skip the main quest on secondary characters once you have finished it on your first character.

That will allow you to be a bit more free in picking your road to max level on secondary characters as the first playthrough will feature more railroading.

5. Log in early

New expansion always means massive queues as countless players try to get their hands on to the new content. The easiest way to circumvent the waiting game at the start is to log in early. As the starting quest for Shadowlands will be pushed on to live servers without maintenance you will have plenty of time before the launch to get into position. The Shadowlands quest will start in your faction’s capital (Stormwind or Orgrimmar) so make sure to be there on time.

One last thing for all players returning to Azeroth. Make sure to take breaks between long gaming sessions. While you may want to finish the new content as soon as possible, a rest once in a while is important.

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Image Credit: Blizzard
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