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Worlds 2021 semi-final predictions: these teams should win their matches

The Worlds semifinal is upon us. Three Korean teams and one Chinese team are all that are left after almost a month of play.

Fan favorite T1 will face off against the reigning world champion in DWG.KIA, while Gen.G will take on EDG. These are our favorites in both matches.


While Faker is without doubt the most legendary player to have ever touched League of Legends, his reign as undisputed king has been over for quite some time. While he still looks hungry for more success, and his teammates certainly have shown to be quite capable of delivering, DWG.KIA has been looking impeccable the entire tournament. They have yet to drop a single game, and are looking to complete a flawless run to take the trophy once more.

It’s not like T1 has looked bad, but the most successful organization in League history has looked beatable. The same cannot be said for DWG.KIA. The Korean first seed is showing near perfect League of Legends and, while they have looked vulnerable, have always managed to bounce back. T1 will have to be perfect themselves, if they want to stand a chance. As such, our vote goes to DWG.KIA to win the match.

Gen.G vs EDG

China has endured a relatively lackluster Worlds, with FunPlus Phoenix famously flaming out in group stages, and RNG losing out to fellow countrymen EDG, who now must carry the mantle for the LPL. The game between the two rivals was close, but EDG managed to eke out a victory. They are going up against a Gen.G that is looking in fine form after a comprehensive victory over Cloud9.

Both teams have looked beatable in this tournament, so it’s a very hard game to predict. We still expect EDG to be able to beat Gen.G though. The latter team has had difficulties closing out games, even when they are ahead, and EDG have looked resilient throughout the tournament. As such, we expect EDG to be able to show up and prevent the final from becoming an all Korean affair.

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