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Worlds 2020 reaches knockout stage as group D concludes

With Top Esports and DRX making it out of group D and FlyQuest and Unicorns of Love going home, the Worlds 2020 knockout stage matches are now known. 

Closing out Group D

In group D Flyquest was able to redeem themselves with some great performances, but it wasn’t enough to secure a spot in the playoffs. FlyQuest lost their (arguably) most important match to DRX, but pulled out a major upset by defeating tournament favourites Top Esports, followed by complete domination over Unicorns of Love.

In the end the group came down to the final match between DRX and Top Esports, as both teams ended up with the same record and were still playing for seeding as they were already locked for the knockout stage. In a very slow and calculated match, which featured the longest time ever at Worlds to reach first blood, it was Top Esports that pulled ahead and took the first seed, with DRX slotting in second.

The knockout draw

After group D concluded it was on to the draw for the knockout stage. First up are Top Esports taking on Fnatic in what will prove to be a very difficult matchup for the latter. Suning, who took first seed in group A over G2 Esports, were matched up with  group B second seed JD Gaming in a Chinese battle. G2 Esports came away with an arguably favourable matchup against Gen.G, while the fourth and last series will be one between Korean powerhouses DAMWON gaming and DRX.

  • Top esports versus Fnatic
  • Suning versus JD Gaming
  • Gen.G versus G2 Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming versus DRX

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Image Credit: Lolesports / Riot Games
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