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Will League of Legends patch 11.9 bring more variety to the jungle at MSI?

As the tentative changes for the upcoming 11.9 patch have been shown, it looks like the jungle might open up a little more and become a more level playing field.

Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, the gameplay design director for Riot Games, has announced the tentative changes on Twitter. Within the changes we see a lot of attention paid to champions like Hecarim, and with it also a big movement speed nerf to Turbo Chemtank (from 60% to 40%). “While doing the Hecarim nerfs we wanted to shift his power so that tank build has notably less damage (but still tanky) making room for a viable damage build.” 

When it comes to the champions, some champions that recently got buffed have been cranked down a notch, such as Morgana’s W in the jungle doing less damage to monsters. Vladimir’s Q will also see a higher cooldown after being deemed a little too strong. Some buffs did raise some eyebrows among fans, such as the cooldown reduction on Lulu’s W as well as an attack speed buff, while the buffs to a champion like Xerath through an increase in Q damage were welcomed.

Aside from Turbo Chemtank, Deadman’s Plate will also see a decrease in health provided from 400 to 300. Moonstone Renewer gains 10 more base heal to starlit grace while both Death’s Dance and Wits end see attack damage increased. The latter also sees its build path altered as well. We’ll report on the full patch notes once they’re out and confirmed.

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Image credit: Riot Games