July 27, 2020
League of Legends

Will G2 Esports make playoffs?

One of the greatest teams of 2019, G2 Esports, is currently going through a rough time in the LEC. Their trademark zaniness and off-meta picks are still there, but without any of the consistency, sidelane pressure or mechanical outplays. Do they still have a shot at making playoffs, or is this going to be it for G2?

This LEC week was an incredibly important one for G2 their opportunity to make playoffs and represent Europe at Worlds 2020. Coming off a 3-0 Spring Split finals, no one could have expected the roster to perform this poorly during the first half of the split. Taking losses against teams like Vitality, SK Gaming and Excel who all had a very middling Spring Split, G2 seemed unable to recapture the magic they have been showcasing ever since this roster has come together.

G2 faced off against Schalke04 and Rogue. With Schalke’s performance thus far, G2 should have been able to take them down without any issues. Instead, they dropped the game, unable to really gain any foothold at any point. The game against Rogue, who have been on a tear recently, became even more important: if they went 0-2 this week, playoffs seemed further away than ever. In classic G2 fashion, they took down Rogue only a day after losing to Schalke.

Their upcoming matches range from teams that should be weaker on paper (Misfits, Vitality and SK) to some more threatening ones (Fnatic and Excel). If G2 want to make playoffs, they are going to be required to win most of those: the middle of the pack standings in the LEC are very close at the moment: dropping out of top 6 means no playoffs!

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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