Will CS:GO ever be ported to Source 2?
July 4, 2020

Will CS:GO ever be on Source 2? – New rumors about cancellation of the port

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Community has been speculating for years about a potential move to the Source 2 Engine. After rumors appeared corrobating to a release in November new reports have surfaced, claiming the project has been cancelled entirely.

Fans and players alike have been waiting for the Source 2 Engine since 2017. This year there seemed to be quite a few “reliable” rumors pointing to the long awaited port to finally happen but recent reports suggest otherwise.

Source 2 cancelled?

According to Tyler McVicker, who historically had been a reliable source in the CS:GO community, the port to Source 2 has been cancelled.

According to him Valve held a meeting in regards to Source 2. In the end they decided to cancel the project as it would have required too much effort to do properly. Especially the extensive amount of community content would have been difficult to transfer to the new engine without any losses.

However another source, Nors3, claims otherwise. He claims that Source 2 will definitely happen. He claims that the release will happen at the end of the year.

It is unclear now if Source 2 will ever come to CS:GO as all these claims are of course rumors and unconfirmed. Until the developers say anything official the community can still hope that the new engine will eventually be ported.

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Image Credit: Valve
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