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Will Cloud9 win their second LCS championship in a row?

Cloud9 confidently took down 100 Thieves, begging the question: can they repeat their title run from Spring?

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Cloud9 may have struggled after their short MSI run and been the subject of several upsets, but they have started to hit their stride. With a victory over 100 Thieves, it certainly appears as though Cloud9 could repeat their LCS Championship performance from Spring. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses continue to appear as unlikely competitors for the throne as they have extended their winning streak.

Cloud9 humble 100 Thieves

The LCS gameday started with an important top of the table matchup between 100 Thieves and Cloud9. 100 Thieves still have sole possession of first place after their loss, but Cloud9 certainly appear like the team on top of the LCS. Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami once again had a carry performance on Gwen, which has largely been the story of Cloud9 throughout the Summer Split.

Fudge dealt an impressive 26.9K damage throughout the course of the match, topping the charts and carrying Cloud9 to another victory. Though 100 Thieves showed some resilience through their middle and bottom lane, Cloud9 were able to close it out in 36-minutes.

Evil Geniuses’ streak continues

The Evil Geniuses’ LCS Summer train has only momentarily slowed down, but never fully stopped as they defeated TSM. Evil Geniuses have continued their 6-man roster experiment as Juan “Contractz” Garcia took over the rift once again on Diana.

Evil Geniuses’ 100% winrate against TSM highlights just how well EG have been able to contend with the top in Summer. In isolation, EG have easily been the easiest teams this split, however they still need to prove themselves in the postseason.

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