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LPL teams look to sign Wild Rift rosters as the esport gets started in China

Known as League of Legends Mobile throughout the world, the Wild Rift esports scene in China is being formed.

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Approved by China’s National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) back in February, the mobile game is currently being tested. Publisher Tencent has not yet provided fans with an official release date.

The joint venture between Riot Games and Tencent, TJ Sports, is the entity responsible for the LPL, and has now revealed the esports plan for League of Legends Mobile.

The mobile MOBA will have three different tiers of competition. The national competition, LPL track, and influencer track.

The LPL track features 16 LPL organizations (Suning is the 17th LPL team, but will not be part of Wild Rift). These sixteen teams will battle it out for five slots into the professional league.

The top teams from this LPL track will also qualify for the Wild Rift World Championship 2021, that will be held towards the end of the year.

The very first League of Legends Mobile tournament will be running on July 26 and July 27. The results of this tournament will be used as a measure for the start of the LPL track.

In the national competition, 32 teams not affiliated with the LPL organizations will fight it out for six slots in the professional league.

The third track is called the influencer track, where six influencers will create teams to compete for one ticket in the professional league, having twelve total teams in the upper echelon of Wild Rift esports in China.

A documentary featuring the six influencers and their quest to the national league will be made as well.

The circuit will run from August 2021 to January 2022.

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Image credit: Riot Games