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Why Rise of the Sentinels sucks

The Rise of the Sentinels event was announced with quite a bit of hype behind it, but has it really lived up to it as of yet?

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The cross-game Rise of the Sentinels event was hailed as one of the biggest events Riot Games has done, spanning multiple games with a focus on League of Legends. When looking at what we actually got so far, many people are quite disappointed, citing the event to be a little too grindy and complaining about the lack of content.

Too much of a grind

Players have to complete regions to gain rewards, with more regions added as time goes on. One of the biggest complaints is the amount of points needed to complete these regions, which requires an insane amount of playing time. Chances are a lot of people won’t be able to complete the regions, let alone get the rewards or be available to experience the entire story.

Uninspired writing

Aside from having to grind for insane amounts of hours, there’s also a lot of complaints coming from people who are very into the lore behind League of Legends. Many have called the writing boring, uninspired and downright bad. The characterization of some of the champions is very straightforward and the entire narrative of the event feels like one huge coincidence, which is unfortunate.

League of Legends fans are obviously disappointed and it seems like they have a right to be. It’ll be interesting to see if Riot Games decides to alter how they run events from now on.

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