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Why no one wants to reveal the reasons behind DrDisrespect’s ban

Ever since the ban of DrDisrespect the internet has been a beehive of rumours and hearsay regarding the reasons. While the purported reasons grow more and more outlandish most people are still in the dark.

As the streamer himself and Twitch keep their silence on the ban reasons, speculation has run rampant throughout social media. Numerous people have come forward saying they or their sources know the true reasons but even they have chosen to not share any details

Many eyes were especially on the industry insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau, who was among the first to claim knowledge of the reasons.

“I need a publication to back me”

On July 13 Slasher appeared on the stream of Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and went into detail on why he has chosen not to share anything so far:

The insider said: “I don’t want to put it personally on Twitter and I do need a publication to back me. But this requires indemnity that I want and has been rather difficult to acquire and that means that I get legal protection from the outlet that I publish for from whatever would happen afterwards.”

A startling statement for someone who usually is frank with disregarding NDAs and similar agreements for the sake of reporting news. Slasher put emphasis on the fact that DrDisrespect’s ban is something different as he has to worry about potential legal action against him, should he report on it personally. Especially a defamation lawsuit might be headed his way in case he does not have indemnity from a major publication.

Breslau continued saying that it has been difficult to achieve said indemnity as a freelancing journalist, which is why he has not said anything further on the affair. However Slasher did say that the persistent rumour about a new streaming platform was wrong and should be disregarded.

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Speculations continue

It has been two weeks since the ban and neither DrDisrespect nor Twitch (as it is their long-standing policy) have commented further on the issue. With a suspicious silence on all channels and the streaming platform rumour seemingly inaccurate, it seems increasingly likely that the Doc was involved in something big.

Until an official statement is released we might just be wandering in the dark for quite a bit longer.

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Image Credit: DrDisrespect