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Which Characters from Dota Dragon’s Blood could become new Heroes?

Now that the dust has settled over the series, let's take a closer look at the introduced characters and see which ones could make it over to the game that inspired the animation.

It is back to one of the Dota 2 community’s favourite pastimes: Guessing the newest hero for Dota 2. After we have had our fill with top tier Dota at the Major and lorebombs left and right in Dragon’s Blood, we are all waiting with bated breath for Patch 7.29.

Highlight of the upcoming update is without a doubt the new hero. Let’s take a look at characters from the series that could make the jump over to the game.

The Fan Favourite – Marci

Marci should not surprise you as right on top of the list. Mirana’s mute sidekick has quietly established herself as the absolute fan favourite of the community. Throughout the series she has been showcasing some serious martial arts skills along with lots of expressions that have endeared her to the fans. While she did not have clear cut abilities showcased in the animation, her fighting style can fill a niche that is still open in Dota 2’s hero roster.

Judging from the amount of fanart around Marci, Valve can basically do no wrong as long as they include her in some capacity in Dota 2. And if you are worried about a lack of voicelines, her whistling skills are just on the same level as Phoenix’ squawks or Io’s beeps, so we got that covered. Then again, I might just be a bit biased.

“Let me just showcase an entire skillset really fast” – Fymryn
Fymryn from Dota Dragon's Blood
Fymryn from Dota Dragon’s Blood

True to form as one of the series’ protagonists, Fymryn is also one of the top candidates for making it into Dota 2. Her likelihood of making it seems quite high on first glance actually as she has shown several abilities in the animation that could be easily translated into actual skills in the game. Illusions, shapeshifting, some form of invisibility and a rapid chain of attacks are nothing new for Dota 2 players.

Fymryn vs. Luna
Will we see Fymryn and Luna clash in Dota 2 as well?

Then again the familiarity of her skills could also point towards her not making it over to Dota 2 as there are already plenty of heroes that have these abilities in some fashion. However her connection to the former Moon Goddess Mene could also be used to craft a more original skillset for her.

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Will the Goddess descend? – Selemene
The mysterious Goddess could be the next hero.

Another top contender for becoming Dota 2’s newest hero is the goddess Selemene. A name that long-time players are all too familiar with as she features heavily in Luna and Mirana’s voice lines in the game. However it was always a mystery who and what Selemene exactly is until the series put her on center stage. Throughout Dragon’s Blood we not only learn of her past relationship with Invoker, we also see a wide selections of spells and abilities the Goddess uses. Some form of mind-control or brainwashing next to more direct spells in her fight against Terrorblade in the season finale.

Selemene fighting Terrorblade
Selemene fighting Terrorblade

What makes Selemene as a candidate more intriguing are the scattered hints that have been planted in Dota 2 for quite a while now. Starting from her Lotuses appearing on TI10’s Battle Pass terrain or the Dark Moon event that had players defend her temple from waves of enemies, including Invoker in the final wave. Not sure how they will integrate a potential clash with Luna or Mirana, but then again she is not yet in so we don’t have to worry about that for now.

Is there space for another Dragon Knight? – Kaden

The legendary Dragon Knight, certified badass and Davion’s mentor in Dragon’s Blood, could also make an interesting addition to the cast of Dota 2. While the Netflix series showed us Kaden in the flesh for the first time, he already had a cameo in Dota 2’s Autobattler: Underlords. His sword is one of the items there and deals damage depending on his opponent’s health. A fact that is referenced directly in the series during his confrontation with Slyrak in episode 4.

That fight shows off a whole bunch of attacks as well as Kaden jumps around the Eldwyrm to try and bring his nemesis down. While his clash does not show clear-cut abilities like Fymryn, his moves can be easily expanded on to become proper spells and abilities for Dota 2.

Regardless of who makes the cut come Patch 7.29, Dragon’s Blood has expanded the Dota universe by quite a lot and given us plenty of new characters that could become heroes in the future.

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