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What went wrong with 100 Thieves? – Evil Geniuses dethrone Cloud9

100 Thieves had a hot start in the LCS but seemed to slow down. What happened to the Thieves and can they recover?

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The fight for first place all season long has largely been between TSM and 100 Thieves, both teams that landed 3rd-4th during the Spring playoffs. TSM since then had more time to improve cohesion while 100 Thieves’ infusion of new talent saw them skyrocket to the top. Though 100 Thieves held the top spot for most of the regular season, TSM once again has reclaimed their throne. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses continue their tear as perhaps the best performing Summer team by defeating Cloud9.

Can 100 Thieves recover before playoffs?

In their game against TSM, 100 Thieves failed to find their footing. TSM kept a gold lead the entire game and snowballed their early kills into a dominating win. Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage showed off Cassopeia’s recent buffs with an incredible game on the champion. PowerOfEvil lead with one of the game’s largest lane differentials and turned into a team fighting monster.

A quadra kill from Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon closed out 100 Thieves’ hopes of winning. TSM once again are on top of the LCS and have seemingly recovered from their mid-season stumble. 100 Thieves are clearly not the same team that earned them first place, as their early aggression has now often turned into misplays.

Evil Geniuses cast down Cloud9

Evil Geniuses have been arguably the best team in Summer and have slowly risen the ranks. A mid-season win streak allowed them to overtake Team Liquid in the standings, and now the squad has taken down nearly all other ‘top’ competition.

This continued as Evil Geniuses defeated Cloud9. Evil Geniuses’ sidelanes had an incredible impact on the game and led to their relatively close win. Evil Geniuses have been on a tear with few stops along the way. Should they keep this momentum in the post-season, they could pose a threat.

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