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What is Blue Essence in League of Legends and how do you earn it?

New to League of Legends and looking to acquire some more blue essence? Let’s take it back to the basics.

Blue Essence is the primary currency that’s used in League of Legends alongside Riot Points. The big difference is that Blue Essence can be obtained freely by leveling up (alongside other things we’ll explain later), while you’ll have to pay for Riot Points if you want to use them to buy new champions, skins or other cosmetics.

How do you earn Blue Essence

There’s actually multiple ways to earn Blue Essence, so let’s take a look at all the ways you can obtain it.

  • Level up your account: You’ll gain Blue Essence from rewards
  • First Win of the Day: Gain extra Blue Essence when winning your first game of the day
  • Occasional missions and events: Keep an eye out for special events when loading upthe client. Sometimes there’s missions or events you can complete that give you Blue Essence
  • Disenchanting shards: You can disenchant champion shards for additional Blue Essence

What do you use Blue Essence for?

There’s a lot you can do with Blue Essence, so let’s list all of the uses

  • Purchasing new champions from the store or through shards
  • Purchasing Hextech Crafting champion shards
  • Upgrade champion mastery
  • Purchase rune pages
  • Change summoner name
  • Purchase chromas

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