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We might be getting a new Nintendo Switch model soon that supports 4K

According to a report by Bloomberg, Nintendo will be bringing an updated and improved model of the Nintendo Switch to the market soon. 

One of the biggest improvements of the new Switch Model would be the screen, which will be bigger and which will be provided by Samsung. It’ll be a 7-inch, 720p-resolution OLED screen, which will consume less battery, has quicker response times and will offer a higher contrast.To further improve on the Nintendo Switch, the possibility of running 4K games will also be included in the new unit, something fans have been clamoring for as the current Nintendo Switch isn’t capable of the feat.

Nintendo hopes these changes will help them compete against the likes of Xbox and PlayStation, both releasing new versions of their console recently. As the Nintendo Switch is already quite a bit older, Nintendo hopes the updates allow them to keep up with their biggest competitors on the market.

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Nintendo themselves haven’t confirmed the news as of yet, even stating earlier this year they had no plans to release a new Nintendo Switch anytime soon. We’ll have to wait and see when the new Switch model gets unveiled to the public and if it’ll give Nintendo the push they need to keep up competition with their rival companies.

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Image Credit: Nintendo