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Warzone Season 2 reloaded merges Vanguard Royale and Battle Royale

The Warzone developers have shared some updates on what we can expect in Season 2 reloaded, including merging Vanguard Royale and regular Battle Royale.

First things first, despite Vanguard Royale proving relatively popular, it won’t return in the upcoming update, as it’s actually being merged together with the regular Battle Royale. Many preferred playing Vanguard Royale as it took out some annoyances they had in the regular Battle Royale (looking at heartbeat sensors), upped the health and took out the UAV spam. Now the two types will be merged together, as the developer doesn’t want to “split the fanbases”, calling the game mode experimental.

Map changes

Rebirth Island is getting quite a few changes to the map, overhauling some of the points of interest while also adding a new one called Dock. Some of the areas that are receiving changes are The Prison Yard, Water Tower, Stronghold and more. You can check out the full list here.

New game modes

Some new multiplayer experiences are also coming in the form of new game modes. First of there’s Rebirth Resurgence Solos, which offers fast-paced solo gameplay which has respawn enabled. “In this Solo variant, Operators will have their Rebirth meter already activated. This means they will have a free life before needing to earn score for additional respawns.”

Other game modes are Rebirth Payload and Rebirth Blood Money, with the latter being a variant of Plunder and the former being a version of the objective-based payload. The difference in Rebirth Blood Money is that Operators are guaranteed a significant payout for Kills even if their target has little to no money on them.

Weapon Trade Stations & Community Events

The Rebirth Reinforced event allows you to complete challenges to earn certain blueprints alongside bigger Community Events, which you’ll tackle with the entire Warzone community. The first one being getting enough kills as a community, which unlocks the Weapon Trade Stations. These can be used to exchange weapons for lesser quality ones with additional items (depending on rarity of weapon offered).

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