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Warzone Player finds loadout and cash in secret vault on Rebirth Island

Like usual the newest Warzone update has some surprises in store and players have found a secret vault this time around.

More and more players have been playing Rebirth Island lately following the newest update and they have found a new secret. More specifically player BobNetworkUK has dropped into Rebirth Island to find a secret vault loadout. He first drops off at Headquarters to find a keycard (Vikhor’s Keycard), which he’ll need later on.

Afterwards he makes his way southwest of Headquarters to find The Stronghold behind a closed door. Once inside he makes use of his Keycard and within the vault he finds $6.500 in cash alongside a loadout. He posted a video of his entire adventure on Twitter, allowing you to replicate what he’s done. It’s very likely the newest update still has a lot more secrets and interestings finds to discover.

Aside from these smaller secrets, season 2 reloaded has brought with it quite a bit of changes such as adjustments to Armor Satchels, Gas masks and the introduction of Deployable Buy Stations. They also overhauled the weapon balancing to create a more balanced experience for players. Also new are the Weapon Trade Stations, where weapons can be traded in for other items, with the value depending of the weapon that has been traded in.

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