July 28, 2020
League of Legends

Volibear and Syndra to receive nerfs in patch 10.16

As playoffs of the major leagues and Worlds approaches, Riot is stepping up their changes during the biweekly patches in League of Legends. The main takeaways for the upcoming patch, 10.16, is the release of Yone (Yasuo’s brother) and a high set of supposedly small buffs and nerfs to some popular champions.

The release of Yone is one that has been looked forward to for a very long time, and the Spirit Blossom event itself is very well received by the community at large. His backstory, as Yasuo’s tragically murdered brother, as well as his design have been highlighted in a great video that can be seen below. His kit seems reminiscent of Yasuo’s. with a high focus on mechanical plays as well as an absurd amount of damage and outplay potential.

Rioter Mark Yetter has also announced some of the upcoming buffs and nerfs that will be part of patch 10.16. While the exact nature is still unknown until they are announced or the PBE is updated, we see a lot of usual pro play suspects ready to get hammered by the nerfbat: Volibear, Syndra, Sett, Karma and Nautilus have been competitive mainstays for a long time. Some nerfs might be more surprising, such as Nocturne mid, Kha’zix (who just got buffed) and Bard.

For the buffs we see some splitpushers (Fiora, Hecarim and Jax), ADC’s (Tristana, Lucian and Miss Fortune) as well as the possible return of lane Evelynn, with a change to her hate spikes: the flat cooldown is now reduced to 4 seconds, without the possibility of reducing it on monsters.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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