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Vitality decide to return to 5-man roster as they bench Nivera

The famed Vitality 6-man roster seems to be no more, as the organization has decided to bench Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom.

Vitality went on to post a statement on the decision on Twitter. “Questions arose regarding the 6-man format and we aren’t feeling confident regarding the future of this structure. Therefore, we are coming back to a 5-man roster for the time being.” 

Earlier this year and towards the end of 2020, Vitality found their form with the 6-man roster and the addition of Nivera to the team. Recently however, their results have been a lot more inconsistent, even losing out on maps they normally dominated on as their substitutions seem to have less and less effect.

With Valve also changing up the RMR format, meaning Vitality will be punished or put themselves in a disadvantageous position when it comes to substitutions, Vitality’s change isn’t all that weird. It’s currently unclear what the next steps will be for Nivera, however he has stated himself he’ll continue training with his teammates whenever possible and that he’s looking for opportunities on loan or as a permanent transfer.

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Image credit: Team Vitality

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